Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays!

My deepest apologies for not posting in such a long time. I have been enjoying the Holidays with my family and friends, working on lots of projects, and of course, overindulging in chocolate goodies! I have been anxiously awaiting Christmas so that I can post some pictures without spoiling the surprise for the lucky recipients. I hope to have them posted tomorrow. I helped a friend of mine make a quilt for a college course project that was also a Christmas present for his sister. We enlarged the Thoughtful Star block and printed photos for the centers instead of the enbroidered quote. It is so cute! I can't wait for you to see how the block looks in the layout we chose. Sam did a great job and Kenzie cried when she received it. So sweet.
I also have some adventures in knitting to share-yikes! I hope you also have been enjoying this holiday season and that your handmade gifts were loved and adored!